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Support of the project

Project Support

Ladies And Gentlemen,

we realize that the construction of the Hippotherapy Centre and the implementation of hippotherapy classes for disabled children and youth is a huge undertaking. Undertaking is great, but worth supporting and implementation.

Planned investment activities:

    the purchase of real estate;
    preparation of design visualization;
    the execution of a construction project;
    start of construction work;

Constituent elements of the project:

    indoor hall for hippotherapeutical classes
    stables with storerooms,
    rehabilitation surgeries with facilities,
    paddocks for horses,
    technical infrastructure.

The estimated cost of the project is 7.2 million PLN

The so called Soft activities include the organization of rehabilitation and hippotherapy classes along with the medical support for participants. As part of a series of classes every disabled person is involved in 10 hippotherapy, 10 rehabilitation classes and medical consultations.

The cost of one series of activities per participant amounts at 1,200 PLN. We plan that, in total, more than 150 disabled people will attend the classes during the whole year. Therefore, we need to raise more than 180 thousand PLN.

Detailed information on acquired financing can be found at bookmark: Acquired Funds.

Implementation of such a large undertaking requires the commitment of many individuals, businesses and institutions. That is why, we are asking for financial support for the construction of hippotherapy center as well as hippotherapy and rehabilitation activities for the disabled children and youth.

Donations can be transferred via a bank transfer to the bank account:

17 1500 1735 1217 3005 3741 0000
BZ WBK 2 O Tarnobrzeg

or directly via the website with the use of payment cards

Donors and sponsors will be given a separate sub-page on our site. Also, through the website, our donors will be able to keep an eye on how funds provided by individuals, companies and institutions are used...

Even the smallest payment will approximate the implementation of the above presented project.


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