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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hippotherapy is an invaluable method of therapy. Horses, which are praised for their beauty and nobility, are excellent “therapists”. Rehabilitation of blind, autistic, delayed or hyperactive children or children with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis or abnormal spine curvature gets off like a shot right after getting the horses involved...

The aim of hippotherapy is to restore patients to health and improve patient’s physical abilities thanks to the contact with a horse and horse riding. It is the presence of an animal that makes this process the exceptional and unique method of therapy providing totally new opportunities not encountered in other therapies.

       Hippotherapy patients are people after illnesses which have left permanent traces in their physical and mental abilities, mentally disabled people with developmental disorders and with some damages of receptors (the receptors of sight or hearing), as well as socially unadapted people.

      The aim of the therapy with a horse and by means of horse riding is to restore patient’s physical and mental abilities to the highest possible degree.

      The movement of a horse is similar to the movement of a human being. The horse in the therapy is a “co-therapist” that transfers the movement onto the patient.  When the horse is walking, about one hundred multidimensional movement impulses are transferred onto the patient. 

   Hippotherapy is the most inviting method of “improving” children’s health – it influences the psycho-sociological sphere the best.

Hippotherapy classes motivate the patient to cooperate in improvement and, because they take place in the open air (in the forest, on the meadow), they enable the direct contact with nature.

During the therapy, many types of supportive equipment are used, such as special belts with a handgrip or saddles for keeping balance on a horse. A therapist plays role of a support here – he or she is always on the weaker side of a horse rider during the walk of the horse so that he or she could provide security for the patient, control the posture of the rider and do the exercises with the patient at the same time.

Because of this the project of building the Hippotherapy Centre, the centre in which children could benefit from the therapy and rehabilitation, got started. The Organization entered into cooperation with the municipal authorities and the Mayor of the city of Tarnobrzeg, prepared the project of the visualization and set about working on a construction design.

We believe that we will manage to complete our project successfully thanks to the help and support of kind people, companies and institutions that know that the therapy and rehabilitation have to do not only with pharmaceuticals and surgical intervention. Good heart given to a small patient may help as well...

And horses can do this like nobody else.
I warmly encourage you to visit our website and support financially our project.

Robert Kędziora

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