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Horses and a dog

Born on 02.23.1998 r . His mother' name is Parna and father Trębacz. The horse's breed is Polish Pony of light gray colour with a characteristic black stripe running along the back. The black-gray mane adds beauty and during the hippotherapy classes children weave plaits or ponytails on it, practicing thereby their fine motor and co-ordination skills. We call Paros "The Horse-Professor" because of his wisdom, kindness, patience and tremendous heart that he gifts us over the years. Great, equable gelding, bravely bears children during hippotherapy on the way to their health.


The very name defines the character of this great, born 30.04.2005, the Polish Pony horse race. Courageous, willing to work, a strong gelding. Bursts with energy and at the same time Heros can patiently, hoof by hoof, wander in hippotherapeutic adventure. Trustful to man to such an extent that on the signal it can lie down and lie until, together with the rider - Peter, they arise. He is persistent and likes to play.


Silesian breed mare, big and gentle, obedient, with a beautiful chocolate-brown bay colour. Commands respect with its size, but its behavior shows that she is as gentle as a lamb.
She is peaceful, even-tempered, friendly and responsible.


Female Labrador dog is the happiest when she has someone to hug. Children attending hippotherapy classes love, stroke and cuddle her. Happy gladly shares boundless warmth of her heart, friendship and love for people and all disabled children.


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